The Ever-Impossibly Perfect First Post

I really could not, and still can not, think of a focus on this blog.

I’m right now sitting at the coffee sho,p still trying come up with what this thing will be about. I want to get an outlet out there on just whatever is in my mind (Oh yes, be scared). I may regret some of the things I post, just FYI. This has been blank for about two months. So either this will be about:

A: Some of the stories I have told while on the job, showing the dos and don’t, plus comment.
B: Some of the sights I have witnessed or experienced.
C: Comment on the daily musings and current events in our world today.
D: All of the above.
E: None of the above.

The answer, we’ll just figure out together.

Most likely I won’t get many, if any, readers on this. However, this is for me, so I’m still moving forward. However, if you are reading this, I’d love to get ideas flowing. Message me (FB, T, etc.).

Meanwhile, here we go…

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