2018 — the year of…

Want to know what I’m thinking?

Typically- this statment leads to a call from my boss.

Reporters are typically supposed to be impartial (granted, have you seen what some of the cable networks have done?), so why do a blog that probably no one will read?

Frankly, I have not a clue — but I did pay $29.99 for the site, and I hate wasting that money.

This website, besides showing off my resume and reporting work, will be more of what I see in the field, in my life, and other random musings. If you know me… or will soon discover, I genuinely mean RANDOM.

Yes, an opinion or two will be thrown in the mix. Yes, you may agree. Yes, you may disagree. I guess that’s the beauty of the First Amendment.

With that said… time to type.


So here, we are, less than 96 hours into 2018. Ever think, okay — what do you want to accomplish this year? Not just what do you want to change, but what do you want to accomplish in the next 365 days?

This isn’t a resolution — that odds are we will break. Instead, this year, I’m trying to go with the mindset of goals and watch the goals achieved and fail. If you see the results, whether on paper (or computer screen) or physically see changes, it makes you continue on.

There’s a bucket list of sorts for your favorite early riser this year I want to accomplish. I plan on profiling them in the blog. This site is half cathartic/half showing off on how much I’ve changed from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Oh and beyond that too.

Needless to say, and not to throw a cliffhanger here, but this year I think will be a gamechanger for me. I can’t want to share them with you.


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